Power Distribution Board with 5V and 12V Regulator (SPMVX9909)

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Key Features

  • A power distribution board intended to stack with flight controllers that feature a square 30.5mm mounting pattern such as the SPMFC3206, SPMFCF400, SPRF3, Revolt, Naze, CC3D and others
  • Suitable for 250 mini racing drone quadcopters, such as the Blade Theory X, QAV250, tarot 250, ARRIS FPV 250, etc
  • Weight: 6g
  • Two regulated outputs, 5V and 12V*
  • LED switch (LED power supply is not voltage regulated)

*The 12 volt power supply will output approximately 1 volt less than the input voltage when the input voltage is less than 13v. This circuit does not boost voltage if the battery input voltage is less than 12v.