Inferno VE Readyset 1/8 Ready To Run Electric Buggy (KYO34101T2B)

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This factory assembled Inferno VE Readyset delivers blistering acceleration of 0-50m in 3.5 seconds, and is now updated with minor changes. With its formidable reputation built on the racing scenes around the world, the VE uses the flagship Inferno model as a base to add a new transmitter/receiver/servo/brushless motor & ESC as well as minor enhancements to the chassis design. The new Syncro KT-231P transmitter delivers vastly improved control and features precision setting adjustments with throttle end point adjustment, dual rate adjuster, plus a high-torque and high-speed steering servo. In addition, the powerful new Team ORION brushless motor and ESC combines with big bore oil shocks and high-grip square block tires to deliver superior performance on any surface. The Inferno VE 2.0 KT-231P allows anyone to test the bounds of common sense with powerful brushless motor acceleration.

Pre-assembled chassis with pre-installed RC linkages
Completed body pre-painted with decals attached
Syncro KT-231P transmitter
Team Orion VORTEX 10 EVO brushless motor installed
Team Orion Vortex R10 Sports ESC installed
Hexagonal wrench 3-types (2.0, 2.5, 5,0mm)
17mm wheel wrench
Cross wrench



  • Pre-assembled chassis and body in a Readyset package is ready for action.
  • Full-time 4WD with low CG 3-diff shaft drive.
  • Big Bore oil shocks & 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension.
  • 18 ball bearings on drive system and suspension.
  • Equipped with 1.0 module metal main gear, designed for hard running.
  • High efficiency, high strength machined metal gears in center diff for reliable performance under severe driving conditions.
  • Length: 496mm
  • Width: 307mm
  • Height: 189mm
  • Wheelbase: 323-328mm
  • Gear Ratio: 12.7:1
  • Weight: 3,550g approx.