Ultima RB6.6 1/10 Offroad Competition Buggy Kit (KYO34302B)

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To stay ahead of constantly evolving trends, Kyosho's Ultima RB6 has been updated into the new 6.6 model. While maintaining the superiority of the proven suspension and steering in the RB6, the new 6.6 model features a selection of 4 different gearboxes: "Rear Motor"; "3 Gear Midship"; "4 Gear Midship", and "Lowdown Midship". In addition to the ever-reliable rear motor for looser surfaces, the 6.6 features midship transmissions for higher grip dirt surfaces and a newly designed lower CG lowdown midship transmission for ultra high-grip surfaces such as artificial turf and carpet. With detailed precision setting capability, this single machine is compatible with any surface type that a racer is required to drive on. Also, the wider 7075-T6 grade main chassis with side guards is unchanged to deliver the cornering advantages of its width. When using the midship layout, either straight or sideways battery mounting orientation can be used to fine-tune the chassis weight distribution effect on running performance.


  • Includes four different transmission configurations: Rear Motor, Mid Motor 3 gear, Mid Motor 4 gear, Low rider - Mid-Low Motor
  • Long Wheelbase : Chassis is now 13mm longer(285mm) for superb stability.
  • Rear gull-wing suspension allowing more agile turns and stability in bumpy terrains.
  • Velvet coated big bore shocks with X-Gear springs.
  • Super low CG design