Traxxas EZ-Peak 5-Amp NiMH Charger

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 5-Amp NiMH Charger

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Traxxas EZ-Peak 5-Amp NiMH Charger(TRAP2937)

Type Chargers/Accessories
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

This is the Traxxas EZ-Peak 5-Amp AC/DC Fast NiCd, NiMH Battery Charger.
Will not charge LiPo, LiFe, or LiIon batteries.


Charger with Traxxas High Current Charge Lead, AC and DC Power Cords

Charges 4-8 cell 4.8-9.6V NiCd, NiMH batteries
Two button charging operation
1-5A charge output indicator
Charge status indicator
Built-in receiver plug port charges receiver batteries without an
5V 1A USB port for charging cell phones, music players and other
Thirty day limited warranty through Traxxas beginning at date of

AC Input: 100-240V
DC Input: 12-18V
Charge Current Range: 1.0-5.0A (500W max.)
NiCd, NiMH Cell Count: 4-8 cells, (4.8-9.6V)
Receiver Battery Charging: 4-5 cells (1.8-6.0V) at 1A
USB Charging: 5V/1A
Weight: (340g)
Dimensions: (147 x 104 x 40mm)
Protection: Reverse polarity, short circuit and overload
Trickle Charge Current: 1/20 of fast charge current

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