TM1100 DSMX Fly-by Aircraft Telemetry Module by Spektrum

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 TM1100 DSMX Fly-by Aircraft Telemetry Module  by Spektrum (SPM9549)

Type Radio Accessories
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

Perfect for tight spaces and small, lightweight aircraft, the TM1100 fly-by telemetry module transmits important flight information to aircraft telemetry compatible transmitters. The TM1100 module can provide important flight log information such as RF link performance and receiver battery pack voltage. It can also provide flight pack information, which could include the flight pack battery for electric-powered aircraft, or ignition batteries in gas engine-powered aircraft. When paired with an rpm sensor (available separately), the TM1100 telemetry module can provide rpm as well as temperature information.

  • Transmits vital model feedback to the transmitter
  • Small, compact and lightweight, perfect for small aircraft or helis
  • Telemetry data at fly-by range (typically provides 300–400 foot range)
  • Telemetry compatible with any DSMX® or DSM2® receiver, flight log data only available with data port compatible receivers


Height: 0.43 in (10.8mm)
Length: 0.79 in (20.0mm)
Model Type: Airplane
Modulation: DSM2
Type: TM1100 DSM2 Fly-By Aircraft Telemetry Module
Weight: 0.19 oz (5.4 g)
Width: 1.02 in (25.8mm)

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