JConcepts Illuzion SCT High-Flow Clear Body

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JConcepts Illuzion SCT High-Flow Clear Body(LXCXYP)

Type Body
Vendor JConcepts

This is a pair of Name and Number Plate Winglets for the
JConcepts #0222 Hi-Flow SCT Body, LXBNWR .


Two Number and two Nameplates with Hi-Flow Decal Sheet and Mounting

Molded from clear polycarbonate construction
Offers increased stability during cornering and improves straight
line tracking

Length: 4.6" (118mm)
Height: 1.4" (35mm)
Number Plates;
Length: 2.4" (60mm) at longest point
Height: 2" (51mm)

Polycarbonate safe spray or brush on paint
Body Scissors

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