Estes Shooting Rocket ARF

  • Estes Shooting Rocket ARF

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Estes Shooting Rocket ARF( ESTT2473 )

Type Model Rockets
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

This is the Shooting Star ARF Flying Model Rocket by Estes.
Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under 12.
Skill Level ARF - Almost Ready to Fly.



One model rocket

Almost fully assembled
Insert the fins into the fin slots and your ready to fly your
Flies up to 725 feet (221m)
Plastic fins
12" parachute recovery
One year warranty
Detailed illustrated assembly and launching instructions

Skill level: ARF - Amost Ready to Fly
Length: 19.25" (48.9cm)
Diameter: 1.35" (34mm)
Weight: 2.3 oz. (65.2g)
Recovery system: parachute
Projected altitude: 725 ft. (221m)

Minor assembly
Igniters (ESTT2301)
Recovery wadding (ESTT2274)
Launch controller (ESTT2220)
Porta-Pad II launch pad (ESTT2215)
Engine: B4-4 (ESTT1602)
B6-4 (ESTT1606) - first flight
C6-5 (ESTT1614)
4 AA batteries (FUGP4304) - for launch controller

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