Estes C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack (24)

  • Estes C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack (24)

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Estes C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack (24)( ESTT1789 )

Type Rocket Engines
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

This is an Estes Educator Model Rocket Engine (C6-5) bulk pack.
Suitable for ages 10 & older. Adult supervision for those under 12.
By Law: You must be at least age 14 to purchase in California & New Jersey.



(24) Single Stage Regular Engines
(30) Model Rocket Igniters
(24) Igniter Plugs
(75) 4-1/2" (114mm) Squares of Recovery Wadding

Bulk packs are convenient and include everything your students
will need to prepare their rockets for flights
Enough stuff for approximately 25 launches
Igniter plugs are reusable
Rocketry permits students a unique avenue to become active
participants in the powerful process of science discovery in much
the same way as great experimenters of the past did
Model rocket engine and igniter instructions included
Estes full one year warranty

Engine: C6-5
Max.Total Impulse (Newton-Seconds): 10.00
Thrust Duration (Seconds): 1.6
Propellant Weight: 12.70g
Minimum Site Dimension: 400 feet

Estes Launch System
Estes Model Rocket(s)

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