Duratrax Ultimate Body Reamer

  • Duratrax Ultimate Body Reamer

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Duratrax Ultimate Body Reamer(LXDCG6)

Type Replacement & Optional Parts

This is the DuraTrax Ultimate Body Reamer.


One DuraTrax Ultimate Body Reamer and one safety cap.

Designed to create and enlarge holes in Lexan, ABS, balsa,
polycarbonate-almost any hobby material.
Extra sharp point starts holes quickly and precisely; razor sharp
flutes remove debris while cutting for clean, perfect results.
Handle is made of knurled anodized aluminum for a secure
comfortable grip.
A cap protects reamer tool when not in use, and fits onto the handle
base during cutting.
Blue anodized handle and safety cap.

Total length: 5" (127mm)
Diameter: .75" (19mm)
Blade length: 2" (51mm)
Saftey cap length: 2.5" (63mm)

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