Dubro Kwik-Fill Fueling Valve Gas

  • Dubro Kwik-Fill Fueling Valve Gas

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 Dubro Kwik-Fill Fueling Valve Gas(DUBQ0655)

Type fuel accessories
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

This Device is for Airplane Modelers that have their Engines
and Fuel Lines in "hard to get at" Places such as Cowlings.


One Pre-Assembled Fueling Valve (Gas Fuel or Smoke Oil)
One Fueling Probe (DUBP2339)
One Knurled Nut w/Serrated Washer

One-Piece Valve Assembly installed into Airplane with
Convenient Fueling Probe for Refueling.

Overall length (front to back): 13/16" (20mm)
Mounting nut diameter (what is seen on outside of cowl): 1/4"
Hole size (drilled through cowl): 3/8"
Length inside cowling: 1/2"

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