Dubro Kwik-Fill Fuel Pump

  • Dubro Kwik-Fill Fuel Pump

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 Dubro Kwik-Fill Fuel Pump(DUBP0911)

Type fuel accessories
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

This is the Dubro Kwik Fill Fuel Pump.

Pump, pickup filter, fuel cap fitting, filling probe, cap fitting nut
O-ring, 48-3/4" (124cm) section of tubing for glow fuel only,
mounting chain

Works with gasoline (see COMMENTS) and glow fuel
Instructions printed on back of header card

Pumping Rate: 3 revolutions = 1oz (30ml)
Inner Diameter of Glow Tubing: 0.12" (3mm)
Outer Diameter of Glow Tubing: 0.24" (6mm)

Routing tubing and attaching to fuel jug as shown on instructions

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