Aircraft Telemetry High-Current Sensor by Spektrum

  • Aircraft Telemetry High-Current Sensor  by Spektrum

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 Aircraft Telemetry High-Current Sensor  by Spektrum (SPMA9590)

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Keep tabs on the electrical state of models using high-voltage/high-current power systems with this advanced sensor*. Installation is easy—simply connect the sensor to the battery and ESC of any model aircraft using EC3™ connectors, and then connect it to your Spektrum™ telemetry module. Once installed, you'll get real-time current (10–150A) data delivered to your telemetry-equipped Spektrum STi™ mobile device.

* A telemetry-capable DSM2®/DSMX® receiver equipped with a Spektrum TM1000 full-range telemetry module (both sold separately) is required to transmit sensor data.


Technical Notes


Measures 10–150A (positive or negative) in 1-amp increments. Capable of up to 60A continuous current with stock EC3 connectors. User will have 150-amp maximum capability when the wire leads are directly soldered to the High-Current Sensor PCBA.


  • Measure the current from 10-150A
  • Can be used on high-voltage applications up to 60V
  • Easy installation in most any aircraft
  • Spektrum™ TM1000 module-compatible for use with aircraft telemetry systems
  • 11-bit resolution with 146mA/bit for precise data measurement


Continuous Maximum Current: 100A @ 2 min; 150A @ 20 sec
Height: 0.6 in (15mm)
Input Voltage: 4.2–60.0V
Length: 1.4 in (34mm)
Model Type: Airplane
Type: Aircraft Telemetry Sensor
Weight: 1.02 oz (29 g)
Width: 0.9 in (24mm)
Wire Gauge: 13 AWG

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