A4010 Micro Digital Aircraft Servo (SPMSA4010)

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 The A4010's lightweight plastic gear train, class leading speed, digital precision and incredible 42 oz-in of toque is ideal for 15 to 25 size aircraft.
The A4010 is the perfect combination of lightweight and holding power performance at a great price. Aerobatic 3D capable models will benefit most from the precision of the digital technology. The low deadband performance excellent speed, positioning and return to center accuracy.

Key Features

  • Digital precision and power
  • Low deadband accuracy
  • Plastic gears
  • 5-pole ferrite motor


Bushing Or Bearing: Bushing
Gear Type: Plastic
Motor Type: 5-pole ferrite
Servo Type: Digital
Servo Voltage: 4.8€“6.0V
Speed: 0.14 sec/60º @ 4.8V; 0.11 sec/60º @ 6.0V
Torque: 35 oz-in (2.5kg-cm) @ 4.8V; 42 oz-in (3.0kg-cm) @ 6.0V