7.4V 2000mAh 5C 2S Li-Po Receiver Pack: 1/8 (DYN1419)

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Reap the benefit of Li-Po€™s longer run times and better performance over standard Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries. Dynamite offers a fresh line of Li-Po battery packs for use in mini and micro vehicles.

Key Features

  • Intended for 1/8-scale nitro vehicles
  • Long run times translate into more time driving and less time charging
  • More reliable than competition€™s Ni-MH and Ni-Cd cells
  • Notice enhanced performance using Dynamite Li-Po's
  • Long battery lifespan
  • Comes wired with conncetors
  • Balance charge lead pre-wired with JST-XH connector.


Battery Application: Receiver Pack
Battery Voltage: 7.4V
Cell Configuration: 2S1P
Charge Protection Circuitry: Yes
Connector Type: JST