Lipo Safety Sack - Large bag

  • Lipo Safety Sack - Large bag

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Lipo Safety Sack - Large bag(52008)

Type Batteries
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

LipoSack Use Instructions

      To charge and store your lipo batteries.


  • Ensure that charger rate is properly set and polarity is correct.
  • Attach charging leads to battery.
  • Place battery in LipoSack towards the bottom.
  • Place LipoSack on non-flammable surface.
  • Route charge leads through vent at the top seam of the LipoSack.
  • Close top flap of LipoSack and press hook and loop closure to fully close.
  • Charge battery using proper charging practices.
  • Size: 23.7cm x 30cm

Free Replacement Guarantee

  • Avoid damage to the LipoSack. Replace if it becomes ripped, worn, or is involved in a battery failure.
  • If your LipoSack is involved in a failure resulting in a venting of the battery and causes a fire, please return it to us with a statement of the circumstances and receive a replacement LipoSack free of charge!

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