AquaCraft Alligator Tours Airboat RTR

  • AquaCraft Alligator Tours Airboat RTR
  • AquaCraft Alligator Tours Airboat RTR
  • AquaCraft Alligator Tours Airboat RTR

$ 299.99

Sorry, the AquaCraft Alligator Tours Airboat RTR is not currently available.

AquaCraft Alligator Tours Airboat RTR - AQUB29**

Type R/C Boats

This is the glow powered, radio controlled, ready to run
Alligator Tours Airboat from AquaCraft Models.
For modelers 14 years of age and older.


RTR Alligator Tours Airboat with engine, muffler, radio, 9x6 pusher
prop, decals, printed manual and instructional and tuning DVD

Hull: Painted fiberglass with molded-in strakes
Air Rudders: Constructed of fiberglass, large size for the same
smooth responsive turning found on full-size boats
Engine: SuperTigre .27 with remote mounted high speed needle valve,
engine runs on airplane fuel with 10-15% nitro content, no special
glow plugs or high nitro fuel needed, see COMMENTS
Exhaust: Vertically mounted AquaCraft muffler
Radio: Tactic TTX205 2-channel 27MHz AM with adjustable trim and dual
rate, 2-channel receiver and two TSX 200 standard servos
Propeller: APC 9x6 pusher, composite construction
Propeller Cage: Welded steel
Fuel Tank: 6.1oz (180cc)

Length: 30" (770mm)
Beam: 11.25" (285mm)
Height: 14" (355mm)
Weight: 6lb 5oz (2.86kg)
Factory Settings for Carburetor: High Speed Needle 2-1/2 turns out
Low Speed Needle 1 turn out
Spray Bar; Fuel nipple aligned with lowest cooling fin on engine
(20° counterclockwise)

Glow Fuel: 10-15% nitro airplane fuel
Electric Starter: To start engine-starter also requires 12V power
source such as hobby battery, power supply or automobile battery
AA Batteries: 12 for radio
Fuel bottle and shore equipment

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