Hubsan 2nd Generation X4 Quad w/HD Camera, 2.4GHz (HICH107C+)

  • Hubsan 2nd Generation X4 Quad w/HD Camera, 2.4GHz (HICH107C+)

$ 44.99   On Sale  $ 69.99

The Hubsan X4 Plus H107C+ is the next generation of the popular beginner camera drone, the H107C. This X4+ model has been massively redesigned for a sturdier and overall more robust look and feel. The overall design of this quadcopter drone is impressive, with a strong emphasis being placed on the design of rotor arms to minimize inflight vibrations and rubber landing pads to help with the impact of hard landings. The H107C+ also features the new altitude hold mode, which means that you will finally be able to set your Hubsan X4 to a specific altitude and not worry about managing your throttle while you capture aerial video.


  • Updated 6-axis flight control system
  • Easy & Expert flight mode, with ability to perform acrobatic flips
  • Built-in flight orientation LEDs
  • 720P mounted camera
  • Altitude hold


Type Drones/QuadCopter
Vendor Hubsan

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