Hobbico TorqMaster Mini 12V 4.5A Battery

$ 22.99   On Sale  $ 29.99

Hobbico TorqMaster Mini 12V 4.5A Battery(LXSK06)

Type Batteries/Accessories
Vendor Sheldon's Hobbies

This a 12V, 4.5Ah Torqmaster Mini Maintenance Free Field Box Battery.
It can power a Starter, Power Panel, Pump, or any common Field Box accessory.



One 12V 4.5Ah Battery
One Instruction Sheet

Large easy to connect to Positive + and Ground - output spades
Smaller size allows battery to be used in smaller Field Boxes
Weighs less so Field Box is lighter
4.5Ah capacity will power the Field Box all day with no problem
Completely sealed "gel cell" battery for maintenance free usage

Attaching Positive and Ground leads to the battery.
Charger to recharge the battery, LXL353.

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